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What is Gelato?


Gelato is sometimes labeled as "ITALIAN ICE CREAM". Gelato is much richer tasting with less than 50% of the butter fat and half the calories of premium ice cream. Gelato has more flavor and is more dense.

In Italian, gelato means


Coolato Gelato is a


A gelateria will often sell gelato, along with other items under the same roof, such as coffee, wines, pastries and panini.



is held at a higher temperature, not allowing it to freeze hard. This higher tempurature enhances its flavor for an instant burst of flavor in your mouth.


made its way to the Americas for the first time in 1770.

Coolato Gelato

makes gelato fresh everyday in our kitchen, featuring 18-24 flavors daily, with something always special in the kitchen. Coolato Gelato uses traditional products imported from Italy.


is a term for gelato that is made with water and fresh fruit instead of milk.

Famous artist and architect

Bernardo Buontalenti

is considered the inventor of gelato.
Gelato was served for the first time at a banquet for the KING OF SPAIN
in the late 1500's.


(panini) is an Italian word for sandwich. Typically sandwiches are made from a ciabatta roll, filled with meats and cheese and sometimes served hot after having been pressed in a grill.

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